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"Empowered Women Empower Women"

Recommended Services

I have been inspired by so many women in my journey and continue to learn and grow with their help.  Please follow the links below to some of my incredible friends' business pages who I highly recommend:


Amy Miller @ Peace & Magic   


Amy is an artist.  As co-owner and main manifestor of GODDESS GATHERINGS, Amy's incredible artistic style can be witnessed in person at the store. Her original paintings are stunning, bringing brightness and joy to any room.  She crafts beautiful Malas, weaving her knowledge of each stone's power and her own love into each original piece.  She teaches in-person classes on a regular basis where you can learn to make your own Mala at Goddess Gatherings.  Her newly released PEACE & MAGIC ORACLE DECK is one of the most potent oracle decks I have ever used.  Pure Magic!


Tielle Baker Hough @ Tielle Baker's Vocal Studio


Tielle is an award winning actress, successful vocal instructor, and musical theater coach.  Her vocal mastery might seem intimidating at first but she has such a gift for connecting to each of her students, working with them wherever they are, helping them to build confidence and skill.  Having worked with Tielle on and off over the last few years, I have learned some incredible techniques to warm up and support my vocal chords and, most importantly for me, to truly enjoy singing!  Tielle coaches students of all ages and abilities.  Pure JOY!  She is a Sound Surfer who co-creates beautiful sound experiences with me and she also co-facilitates regular moon gatherings with April Miller McMurtry at Goddess Gatherings.


Aimee Ames @


Aimee is a gifted space-holder, communicator, and breathwork facilitator.  Her sessions, either one-on-one or in small groups, are powerful and transformative. If you don't know anything about breathwork, I highly recommend you reach out to her to learn more.  She is also an Intuitive Coach, helping you to connect to your inner knowing.


Joree Rose @ Joree Rose


Joree is a mindfulness guru!  I started working with Joree as a marriage therapist and she really helped my husband & I calm down and actually listen to one another.  She introduced us to influential relationship authors, such as John Gottman and Terence Real, and helped us practice Marshall Rosenberg's Non-Violent Communication.  Joree brings solutions to conflict.  She has a wonderful podcast called "Journey Forward with Joree Rose" (available wherever you get good podcasts!) and just published another book, ".


Beverly-Jane Peatross @ Big Magic Village


Beverly-Jane is one of my favorite all-time yoga instructors.  Her beautiful gentle flowing classes are made even more special by her incredible singing voice.  She is my inspiration and mentor and I'm so glad to call her my friend!  Her wonderful classes in the absolutely gorgeous setting of her family's barn have to be experienced to be believed - words will just not do it justice!  

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