Group classes are 1hr 15mins in length and are suitable for all levels of yoga experience.  I will check in with everyone before we start practicing to see how everyone is feeling and if you have any preferences for the direction of the yoga class.  Join any time from 15 minutes before the start time to connect, share any injuries or general pain you may be carrying, request a specific area to work on, or just to meet new people.  I will mute everyone before we start practicing.  You can choose if you want your video on or not.  (It's difficult to see you during class as I am practicing with you and you're also really tiny on my screen.)  Generally we will "flow" for the whole time but occasionally I will declare a TEACHING MOMENT where I will ask you to sit and watch what I'm doing.  Any time you have a question, feel free to Unmute yourself or shoot me an email after class. Honor your body, where you are at, and take as many rests as you need.  Child's pose is ALWAYS available.  Don't let your ego overtake your ability to listen to your body.  We close each class with some healing mantras to attune us all to a higher vibration.

If you would like some one-on-one attention, I'd love to focus on JUST YOU in a private one-on-one yoga class where we can work on whatever you need:  alignment help, modifications, sound healing, energy flow.  We can make a plan around your schedule and budget.  

WANT TO TRADE?  I'm open to trading some service that you provide or product that you make for yoga any time!  Please contact me at to discuss.

I can't wait to practice with you!

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