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3534 Golden Gate way, lafayette 

Come and enjoy our Hybrid Retail / Gathering / Gallery space as we

convert it into The Yoga Studio on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  

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What is TEEN YOGA?
In Teen Yoga, we explore what Yoga means through conversation, education, and movement.  We explore some of the basic fundamentals of the practice, including working with the breath, alignment, and strength building, with the union of Mind, Body, and Spirit as our guiding principle.  We laugh, we dance, we explore what it means to bring ourselves back to a state of calm, while maintaining mental and physical strength.

We are, and everything around us is, energy.  Vibrations.  Electromagnetic pulses.  Visible light.  Our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes are all putative expressions of energy. Using Energy Medicine techniques such as tapping, meridian tracing, and healing touch, we can transmute our energetic states to bring our whole being into balance.  After training in Vinyasa, YogaWorks, and EMYoga Foundations techniques, I was called to create a hybrid class that harnesses some basic energy movement asana with a Vinyasa-type flow.  Each class begins with warm ups, the EMYoga Wake Up, and the Five Element Flow (all taught in as much detail as needed based on attendees).  We dance.  We laugh.  We then work on whatever the group decides they need to work on that day - be it heart openers, abdominals, strength building - we find a consensus and we flow.      
Please join us!

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