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FREE YOGA OFFERINGS {from November 30, 2020}

Monday:           9:00am    All Levels Flow

Tuesday:           9:00am   All Levels Flow

Thursday:          9:00am    All Levels Flow

To join, click here:

or go to:

Zoom Meeting ID = 651 660 7581        Password = jgyoga

Each class is one hour long.  Join any time from 15 minutes before the start time to connect, share any injuries or general pain you may be carrying, request a specific area to work on, or just meet new people.  I will mute everyone before we start practicing.  You can choose if you want your video on or not.  (It's difficult to see you during class as I am practicing with you and you're also really tiny on my screen.)  Generally we will "flow" for the whole time but occasionally I will declare a TEACHING MOMENT where I will ask you to sit and watch what I'm doing.  Any time you have a question, feel free to Unmute yourself or shoot me an email after class. Honor your body, where you are at, and take as many rests as you need. 

I can't wait to practice with you!

I view teaching during Shelter in Place as my service project, hoping to help others de-stress and maintain good health through movement and breathwork.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity and feel free to invite your friends! 

If you would like to make a donation in the name of the classes you take,

I highly recommend giving to an incredible food rescue non-profit, White Pony Express:

My {Yoga} Story:

Hey there - my name is Jen. 

I'm an Aussie living in the US.  Proud mama.  Wife.  Business owner.  Dancer.  Singer.  Drummer.  Doer of things. Goddess.  

I have been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and always knew, deep in my heart, that I wanted to teach.  I would be taking a class and just feel a yearning inside of me, a calling to find my spirituality, and tap into something deep inside myself to give to others.  In 2019 I finally took the time to do my Yoga Teacher Training, with a plan to go out and find teaching opportunities.  But life happened and I was drawn back to our family business.  I found myself floundering in dissatisfaction with my work as a CFO, trying to be the best mum (mom) I could be to my two boys, I was disconnected from my husband, and struggling with aggressive perimenopause that would ravish me with debilitating migraines, blood clots, mood swings, and all kinds of crazy! (Yes - I know, I know - TMI - but seriously - this stuff is REAL!!!)    Then Covid-19 hit and, although there was so much uncertainty, there was also an opportunity for me to be of service.  Some wonderful friends gave me a nudge and offered to be my students and my first Zoom yoga classes began.    

I love all kinds of yoga and have had the privilege of practicing with some incredible teachers.  I was trained under the YogaWorks methodology, which blends eastern and western teachings of yoga, "focused on improving strength, flexibility, stability, and improving mental clarity and calmness".  My own teaching is a blend of Vinyasa flow, Kundalini, Hatha, Yin, & Restorative Yoga styles.  I like to give guidance in alignment, believe strongly in listening to your body & honoring how your body can move, and I really cherish breathwork & mantra chanting, encouraging vibrational flow to shift energy in your body.

Let the good vibes flow!


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